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Career Visibility

Can’t find what you’re looking for find you?

This is the key question you need to ask yourself when you’re either looking for a new role, or to become a key player in your industry

Most opportunities are never advertised – whether you’re looking for a new job, to speak at an event or to be asked to join an invite only network or group. These things all need to be able to find you – for that to happen you need to be visible

Are you? And if so are you visible in such a way that the things you seek will also be seeking you? Are you a match?

We can provide a number of services to help you analyse your current visibility status and then close the gaps between where you are and where you need to be

Career Visibility Services

Career Coaching

Clarify your career goals, your current blocks and any areas you need to work on to realise your objectives. Read more…

Career Visibility Assessment

A detailed report showing how visible you are and for what

Digital Footprint

Analysis of your digital footprint to identify your industry standing. Read more…

Social Profile

Have other social profiles created, overhauled or managed by us; set to attract your career goal

Regular Content

Let us help you create regular content in the form of blogs, podcasts or vlogs to increase your reach and career visibility


We can coach and help you create (to the point of supplying a full video team and lifestyle property) one or a sequence of videos to enhance your standing in the market

LinkedIn Review (basic)

A FREE review of your profile that will highlight three things you can change immediately to improve your results. Read more on 

LinkedIn Review (detailed)

A detailed report giving you a step-by-step plan to change your LinkedIn profile to improve your results

LinkedIn Makeover

Have your LinkedIn profile rewritten by us; Julie has been using LinkedIn since 01 April 2004 as both an International headhunter / recruiter and a Career Visibility Coach and LinkedIn Trainer

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