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The dreaded sound of the word ‘recruitment’ conjures up many thoughts… predominantly negative. Add to that RPO, internal recruitment, and not least, the dreaded traditional recruiter (although some of us are actually quite nice…) and you’ve got the recipe for a James Wan movie

We provide advice on everything talent related, from:

  • How to tackle your present and future recruitment requirements… to…
  • How to maintain staff focus, productivity and passion

Some clients trust us to help them identify, quantify and/or justify the right choice for their future talent resource processes

Getting to know you and understanding your company’s individual requirements helps us provide you with industry expertise to decide

RPO –v- In-house System –v- Traditional Recruitment Agencies or Search Firms

We know you require a strategy that’s based on the pursuit of simultaneously achieving an optimal talent resourcing process, with staff longevity and cost. Although we offer this through our own recruitment process, we understand that might not be for you (let’s face it, nothing is for everyone!) If that’s the case and you have narrowed it down to selecting one of the above three options, we can provide expert analysis and a full management report as to which will be the best solution for you – taking into account all your unique variables

They all have pros and cons – here is our quick overview:

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

+ There are some reputable companies out there doing a good job. Costs are typically reduced and delivery should be heightened with RPO
– You are giving your resourcing to someone you can’t see on a daily basis and you lose an element of control that might prove important to you

In-house System

+ Recruitment technology and social media are everyday tools used by any professional HR person or internal recruiter. The implementation and utilisation of a chosen possibility is important. Installation of the appropriate software, along with the correct use of social media, will be all important for taking recruitment in house. This will streamline time needed by staff and should improve efficiency. Technology should create less administration, implement better process and attract better talent
– Recruitment isn’t a core skill of your business so you have to hire in additional resource. If your recruitment goes in peaks and troughs there are times your internal resource can’t cope and times you’re paying them to do nothing. Unless you are a large company with extensive recruitment needs and a large internal team, you won’t have the same reach as the two external options

Traditional Recruitment Agency or Search Firm

Julie and I used to fall into this bracket… before we learnt how to do it better
+ There are (of course) many good recruiters out there with expansive networks. If you select one of the good ones, they will definitely help your company find the pink-haired brain surgeon who likes to play polo, hula-hoop and walk ferrets in their spare time. You only receive the best candidates via shortlist and – because your recruitment is external – you keep a glass wall between your recruiter and your current team
– The massive elephant in the room here is cost. Plus they are fickle, they get their fee and run. They don’t have a vested interest in how your new talent works out, past clearing their rebate period

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