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Digital Footprint

Everything you do on the Internet leaves a trace. Forever. This is known as your digital footprint and it includes every social networking profile and site you have and use

The fastest and easiest route to find out about your current digital footprint is to Google your full name… Done it? Scary huh!

Since the noughties, when we all became social, it’s been expected that people can find you when they look online. It is rare – and seen as something suspicious – if you don’t have any footprint at all

You need to have a presence. But did you know that sometimes what people find about you is doing you more damage than good?

What We Offer

We know that part of your career management process – not only at times of job change – is to make sure people think the right things about you. Which means you need to be in control of your digital footprint and you need to do it with forethought. That’s why we offer:

Analysis and Detailed Overview of Your Current Digital Footprint

We will give you our detailed view of how you are appearing to the industry right now. Once we know what’s broken we can find the solution to fix it

Create a Future Attractive Strategy

Working with you to identify your career goals we can set a future attractive strategy for your online use, complete with any training needed to maximise your activity

LinkedIn Makeover and Training

The one site you need for career management – that sits head and shoulders above the others, is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place people go to do their due diligence on you. It’s a site frequented by event organisers and people who can benefit your career by giving you opportunities to be visible


Video is the thing that sets you apart from everyone else out there. Words can look samey… but video is always unique, just like you! Create one, a sequence, or an on-going video campaign. We will coach you and supply whatever you need in terms of technical support

Getting Visible

Taking control of your digital footprint means putting out your own content and owning your presence on the internet. We will work with you to create and execute a plan


It’s also the single biggest hangout for recruiters in the world. If you want to be found for that next job, LinkedIn is an essential within your digital toolkit. Having personally used it since the first half of 2004 there isn’t much I don’t know, or can’t help you with in terms of positioning and strategy

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