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Approach all recruiters at your peril, M W A H A H A H A!

Job candidate and recruiter

Traditional recruiters and headhunters (as Julie and I once were) are often seen as the villains of the piece; they stand between you and that job and treat you like you’re sub-human.

How do we know this? You tell us!

As an industry we have to do better. We know that

MLT have listened to your issues in order to better serve you and have – we hope you’ll agree – disrupted recruitment as a result!

Listening to your bugbears, these are the questions we knew we needed to answer:

  • Can we offer a service that looks after you as an individual?
  • Are we going to answer your application?
  • Do we know our clients well enough to give you helpful insights?
  • Will we keep you informed of progress?
  • Will we give you feedback after an interview? Even if you were unsuccessful
  • Can we provide guidance on the aspects of the process that feel alien or hard to you?

We trust you’ll find MLT answer a resounding YES on all of the above… and provide you with a lot more!

Before I tell you how, I have an upsetting disclaimer…

We receive an astronomical amount of applications (thank you) and despite priding ourselves on our levels of care and our desire to serve you, the sheer volume of people approaching us means we are unable to provide a personal or face-to-face service to everyone (my caffeine levels would be off the chart if I accepted every coffee invite). I would love to be able to change that – if there is anyone out there who can provide the answer as to how we can do it, please let me know 🙂

Ready for the HOW?


Two factors combine: automation and directing you to appropriate services, which can offer indirect and sincere help – see Video CV for example

  • You are right to expect an answer from an application
  • You deserve to be kept up to date
  • We can offer video or text based services and further advice if we provide it in a web-based format

Our Promise

We are always honest. Even when what we have to say is not what you most want to hear

We constantly strive to improve and better our processes, which we do by listening to honest feedback, from people like you

We specialize in all of the talent aspects of the disruptive technology sector and we aim to disrupt our own service as much as you are disrupting yours

The Positives

  • We assist clients to find talent for senior level vacancies
  • We’ve taken time to get to know and understand our clients. As a result we can educate, prepare and even coach you to enable you to maximise every opportunity
  • Our income is intrinsically linked to your success. We not only care, we are heavily invested
  • We know our clients expectations and aspirations so we can help you decide if the role is right for you and assist you to prepare for interviews and presentations
  • We take time to discover your strengths and then fiercely promote them and you
  • We have an extensive global network, which enables us to advise you on industry trends and market niches

Proud to be honest recruiters, who listen to you, in order to disrupt recruitment and offer you the service you’re worthy of!

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