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Disruptive Workplace

Going to work isn’t what it used to be. People don’t apprentice in and retire out with a gold clock. They move around, change companies, change jobs and even totally change their careers

How as an employer can you hook talent so they join and stay?

We have mentioned many ways on other pages of this site, including: Employer and Talent Branding, Video Based Recruitment, Training and Team Building, HR and Executive Coaching

You can also look to transform your culture and your environment into that of a disruptive workplace

Our top two picks…

No fixed holiday

This is an idea already implemented at a senior level by Virgin. People are project, rather than time based. You can go away, or take time off when you want, as long as the work is done

Amazon budget

Give your people a monthly Amazon budget. Let them buy the book(s) they want and read them during work time. Create a library in an area of the office so when the book is read, it can be put into the company library and enjoyed by the whole team

More disruptive workplace ideas…

Passion projects

Allowing your people to work on their own projects during your time can increase their creativity, make them more loyal to your company and can spark new projects and ideas that become part of your portfolio

Nature centred

Using a nature centred approach to your business can increase happiness, innovation and productivity

Time away

Taking your entire company away to have a few days training, bonding and having fun. People who play together, stay together. Your employees are 7x more likely to stay when they are best friends with at least one of their colleagues

Employee benefits

Anything from discounts at their favourite stores to gym membership and pre-loaded coffee cards can make people feel looked after and cared for

Profit share

Giving all of your employees a stake in how well you do will invest them in your success. This doesn’t have to follow the traditional (much despised) model of biggest salary, biggest share. It can be done on a secret ballot and equate to biggest contribution, biggest share


For those who are ‘called’ to travel, explore, build a school in Malawi… Supporting your people’s outside interests, keeps their inside interest

Smart workplace

Location, location, location. It’s always great to fall out of your office and into your favourite store or coffee house. But it’s also great to have an office so smart and so comfortable you don’t actually want to fall out of it

Health first

Give your people a workplace that supports their health aims; standing desks, wellness apps and do away with the coffee and cereal to provide herbal teas and fruit instead

Love week

Started by Mindvalley in 2012, love week is an initiative that places love firmly at the heart of your workforce for five days every February. As well as making your people happier, studies show that providing social support at work generates greater productivity

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