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Employer and Talent Branding

From the most risk averse, to those that like to live on the edge, everyone we’ve spoken to wishes they’d been invited to work for Apple when it was still based in Steve Jobs’ parents home… or had the call from Mark Zuckerberg to go to the Harvard dormitory room that saw the birth of Facebook. But at the time, people famously turned down both options…

Candidates don’t want to go to a company, if they don’t know what it will be like to work there (it’s quoted as the #one obstacle). As a result, many great mid size businesses and smaller – particularly start-ups – don’t get to cherry pick their talent

Having been in the recruitment industry since the late 90’s (we joined as children), Mark and I would say almost everything to do with talent attraction, is to be found in the way a company presents itself – and how it acts before, during and after the recruitment process

We’ve seen small companies secure staff who’ve walked away from offers at Google… and we’ve seen organisations manage the process so badly, we’re surprised they’ve got any staff at all

How do you get your message out?

There are two key ways that dovetail together beautifully to provide an attractive proposition to anyone you want to hire

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Employer Branding

We know we frequently refer back to dating. The truth is building new relationships from stranger up is often the same, irrespective of the circumstances

You wouldn’t go on a first date in your oldest, tattiest clothes. Equally you don’t want to show potential hires your worst ‘look’ either. If you’re a modern innovative company and you treat your people like, well… people, then the whole of your attraction through to recruitment process needs to reflect that

There is a great quote Mark can testify I refer to a lot. A few people have been credited with saying it, including Derek Sivers:

How you do anything is how you do everything

People will assume how you behave before and during the recruitment process is how you behave after they’re hired. So how can you portray yourself in the best possible light, that has potential hires knocking on your door?

There are multiple ways. Our favourite can be summed up in one word – like New York, so good we will say it twice – video. VIDEO!

Let us help you put together a video series that can be spread throughout your own media channels and get the bait out there that will land the fish you’re trying to catch

Employer and Talent Branding via social media

Talent branding

We all love to read a good Amazon review or check out feedback on places like TripAdvisor. New hires are no different. Testimony speaks 3x louder than anything you’re saying about yourself

AKA: You need to get your current employees to bang your drum too

Again this is an area that can be maximised in multiple ways, but lends itself perfectly to video. Get your team talking about the kind of people they are and what it’s really like to work for you – and watch your talent attraction results change

Interesting Stats

72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring

59% of recruiting leaders worldwide are investing more in employer brand

28% reduction in the organisation’s turnover, because you attract and secure better hires

50% reduction in the cost-per-hire

50% more qualified applicants will be attracted to apply and ultimately work for you

75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job

1-2x faster time to hire

Data sourced from LinkedIn

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