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Ethical Business – The Natural Formula

It has been said that technology is as addictive as crack. The antidote of course is nature

But what other advantages does nature have that can benefit your organisation and not only ensure you cultivate a fantastic working environment… but gain you market share, increase your productivity and grow your profits?

Using our natural formula you can attract a different kind of employee, (re)engage your current staff and reduce stress and anxiety

Part of your objective is to use your entrepreneurial skills to make a real difference in the world. You are committed to being (or becoming) the change you want to see; to champion good and you insist your company is more than just a moneymaking machine

Our natural formula will also allow you to find a way to put our planet and everything on it at the very core of your business; aligning you with the missions of some of the greatest changemakers of our time

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Employee Attraction

When you use our natural formula to strengthen (or create) your company mission and values you can then embody them within the organisational culture. Communicated simply to employees and clients – led by your C-suite – you ensure employee engagement, attract the right people to your organisation and you compel them to stay

How Do We Do It?

We use an exercise – developed utlising the power and strength of nature – to take your executives through individual interviews to identify where your company’s strengths truly lie and the value of the individual and collective leadership… once we know who you are at your core, we can not only help you build upon that… we can develop hiring and training strategies to attract and retain your people

We also use an innovative nature-centred approach, grounded in empirical evidence, to create dynamic and interactive outdoor team building programs that enhance working relationships and team performance

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