Walking on Eggshells

Extended Network

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, the road to success is strewn with minefields. Expert advice through an intermediate is sometimes required to help you through that particular danger. Boom!

Financial sector professionals and experts are constantly approaching us to ask how they can help you. This has led our ever increasing network to be full of mavens, who could just possibly help you through the dangers


Golden egg


One of the biggest problems we’ve seen within our disruptive technology clients is based around obtaining series A funding. Although your concept is brilliant and you know you’re going to go far, putting that over in a way that investors understand – and will put their money into, can take years of experience. We can provide people, either as consultants or employees, who can help you with this

We can also introduce you to people who can help you meet Angels, Venture Capitalists, Investors and to raise money via CrowdFunding



(Leaving the old jokes aside) Just like the egg needed the chicken to hatch, in the early stages your business might benefit from joining an incubator. Through our network of contacts, we can supply introductions to some of the most supportive incubators for your business


Chick wearing specs


You’re hatched! An accelerator might now be just what you need to give you the space and support to grow

Through a tailored programme, a team of mentors, events calendar and world-class facilities, entrepreneurs are able to grow their products and services into multi-million pound businesses


Regulations and Compliance

You probably hear the word ‘compliance’ a lot. As business owners ourselves we understand how difficult it can be to navigate regulations. Let us provide you with access to our associates; these professionals are experts in their particular field and are fully equipped to offer you everything from initial risk assessments, through audits, to full FCA compliance

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More Help

We are more than talent specialists; we are a global network of professionals. Through us, you gain access to new trends, niche markets and unlimited expertise. Let’s hatch a plan

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