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Despite FinTech not yet making its way into the Oxford Dictionary, it’s a sector that’s changing the way we live and do business; thank you FinTech’er for creating an end to all that wasted time – we will never get back – dealing with the traditional financial institutions!

Whether your solution is mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising or asset management we know you’re about easier, faster, cheaper in all aspects, other than your staff. When it comes to fintech recruitment, you’re selecting some of the brightest talent in the world. We know your demand often outstrips the supply for many of the people you need – that’s why we work with you to help you create difference, both in your message and your method to attract the smartiest pants in town. From developers to directors we help you step outside the war for talent and create an ‘attractive employer’ status before we press the green recruitment button. Securing the best people means starting with the best recruitment strategy…

FinTech recruiters are on hand to help

Your Requirements

Running your FinTech company has its own set of challenges. Our mission is to make sure your hiring plan isn’t one of them. We take time to get to know your organisation, so we know what a good match for each open position looks like. Then we work with you to make sure your difference is well-known outside your four walls; there’s a reason Google get to cherry pick their employees. This is more than a transaction; we are creating marriages of minds and values … the best fits create the best results

Our Network

Within MLT Associates we make it our mission to partner and hire people who add as much value to our model as your people do to yours. We scour the world looking for the brightest, most connected, FinTech specialists, to work with us and to serve you. We know people, who know people and we are spreading our net as far and as wide as you are spreading yours

Fintech recruitment net being cast

FinTech Solutions


Hiring the right people is key to your success. We changed recruitment to something that works!

Employer & Talent Branding

Position yourself as an employer of choice and have the best people banging on your door

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists can provide you with everything from employment contracts to employee benefits packages

Digital Footprint

What do people find when they Google you? Your online footprint affects your success; hiring and being hired

Executive Coaching

Olympian goals? Coaching is the most effective tool to improve your results, individually and as a company

Training and Team Building

Investing in your people reduces attrition and costs. Our methods improve staff retention by as much as x7

Succession Planning

Growing your company and your people means you need to be growing their replacements too. Do you have a plan?

Growth and Exit Strategies

Do you want to grow a unicorn? Or would you prefer a business that attracts buyers; 5 years on, you’re out?