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Franchise Opportunities

Joining the recruitment industry may not seem the first choice on your career list; to be fair – and in full disclosure it wasn’t ours. I was given the recruitment desk (at the last minute) when I went to work for a newspaper and Mark was in the RAF. But sometimes careers don’t provide what you thought and you find yourself looking for a change

Billion Dollar Industry


Growth per annum

Globally, this is a $490 billion industry that grows on average 9.2% per year

If you’re a people person, the rewards from working in recruitment – when done correctly – can be huge

Organisations don’t have the ability, or time, to recruit in-house. You can offer the finest support, backed by the best multilingual resource team based in our central hub, either from your desk or on the move

We have the know-how, the tools, the training and the passion to help you succeed

We are experts in recruitment with years of experience, harnessed to provide companies with the very best talent. For a one-off fee, we’ll work with you, providing all the support, tools and knowledge that’s needed to make your new venture a successful one

But you have to do your bit, too. It can be a tough business to be in. I don’t think we’re biased when we say, ultimately it’s a great one

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What do you need?

  1. To do well in the staffing and talent industry you need to be a good communicator. By that we mean you have to be good at asking open questions and then listening intently to the answers
  2. You might only be looking for a part-time business (and recruitment can be that), but you need to be flexible about when you work. Your clients may be in other parts of the world and of course candidates typically prefer to talk outside business hours. This is not – nor ever will be – a variant of a 9-5 job!
  3. Be made of rubber. There are days when you’re running your own business that nothing goes right (and we mean nothing!) We are always here to support you – and part of the benefit of being part of something bigger than working for yourself – but you need to have enough elasticity to bounce back from the knocks and know that, no matter what, two things remain true: it’s not personal; and tomorrow is another day

How to take the next step

I don’t want to blow our trumpet, but we really are good at what we do; interview and selection is something Mark and I have practised and perfected over many (many) years. During an initial Skype ‘coffee’ (or green tea) we will ask you some key searching questions to see if you’ve got what it takes to make our business work for you

From there we will take you through a rigorous programme, which will give you and us the time and insight to know if we are a fit

Despite the size of the industry and the figure quoted at the beginning of this page, this is not a get rich quick scheme and we are not looking to sell franchises to just anyone. We only want you to come on board if you’re going to thrive; because on the flip side, this is an industry where good people can make a lot of money

To get the ball rolling request a Skype coffee with Mark or I

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