Global Associates

There is only one clear way to do global business – be global. At the moment we do that through mobile workers and associates around the world. As your key operational hubs grow stronger in certain cities, so we will increase our presence in those regions too

All of our associates have certain characteristics in common; they are passionate about disruptive technology, they love people and are well connected, and they have a strong understanding of the staffing culture in the region they’re based

Through them we are able to give you real time information about hiring and staffing pros and cons of places as diverse and recruitment-wise different as: Manila, Abuja and Church Broughton


Where We Are

We have a growing network of global associates. Please click to see our detailed map showing more information on each of our individual associates, along with their physical location and (where appropriate) the areas they move between

Join Us

If you are passionate about disruptive technology, a real people person and you understand the staffing culture where you’re based you could be just the person we are looking for! If you agree – and think you have something to bring to MLT by way of becoming an Associate – we would absolutely love to talk to you. We offer attractive remuneration packages and we don’t ask for any minimum or maximum level of input from you; you work the hours you want, when you can. Please get in touch and let’s talk…

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