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There is no doubt the greatest part of any company is its people. Because they can also potentially be the most challenging part, it’s important to have processes and measures in place to weather the storms as well as the calm. Leaving this area of your business to chance is likely to prove disruptive (in the wrong sense of the word) and expensive

Providing HR solutions for your people, from hire to retire, is a key competency your company needs to cover. But why bring it in house? You can access some of the industry’s finest Human Resources, Organisational Development, Leadership & Development and Project Management talent, as and when you want them, within the MLT service

Because we work with you so closely on your staffing issues, we understand what makes your business tick and we can therefore deliver specific HR solutions that meet your needs; ensuring you have the right people support and enhancing your vision and goals for a successful future

Our HR Services


HR Health Check

Starting with a one day consultation to assess your people management needs, we provide you with smart solutions to combat any HR issues and mitigate any risks

MLT On Demand

We provide ‘on demand’ options as standard to anyone who has a staffing contract with us. We can also supply it as a standalone, or in conjunction with other service areas

Pay As You Go

For non-clients and more complicated HR solutions that fall outside the scope of our standard solution, we offer a pay as you go service

Growth Spurts

When you’re experiencing rapid periods of growth you need something to match you in an intense burst; we can also help you reorganise your structure using a similar model

Consultancy and Interim

We can provide someone to work as an additional pair of hands to cover extra workload, or fill an interim gap, at Assistant to Director level, working alongside you as a member of your team for as long as you need them


Policy and Contract Reviews

We can draft initial – or revise your current – policies and contracts to keep you legal and your teams engaged

Outplacement Support

If you need to change the structure of your business and want to assist those who are applying for internal or external roles, we can provide solutions to support your people as they go through a difficult period

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