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When HR met technology, the industry transitioned from being entrenched in operations to becoming a core, focused, strategic business function

Technology couldn’t reinvent the workplace and not reinvent HR’s role in the process. As a result, HR professionals are being tasked to learn new skills and move away from administrative tasks into far more strategic roles. As the workforce moves towards Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives and Mobile Natives the future of work is changing fast. By 2025 all of your employees will have grown up with a mobile device being their main form of interacting with a process. As one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise software space, HRTech is an exciting and vibrant industry. So how do you compete with the established firms and hundreds of other start-ups for top talent?

HRTech Recruitment specialist always on hand.

Your Requirements

Being the people centric sister within the disruptive technology family it makes sense that your staffing plans are the most people centric too. But how do you compete with so many other companies looking to hire similar skill sets and where do you look when – due to the growth of HRTech – there is way more demand than there are right people? Your maybe pile is tiny. There is rarely an outright yes. We have ideas – let’s talk!

Our Network

We have disrupted our own way of staffing to best serve you to staff your teams, wherever you want them to be located. We have a multilingual resource hub and are growing an extensive network of external associates, all with one thing in common. A desire to see you attract, hire and retain the people who will take your business to the places you want it to go… and beyond!

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HRTech Solutions


Hiring the right people is key to your success. We changed recruitment to something that works!

Employer & Talent Branding

Position yourself as an employer of choice and have the best people banging on your door

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists can provide you with everything from employment contracts to employee benefits packages

Digital Footprint

What do people find when they Google you? Your online footprint affects your success; hiring and being hired

Executive Coaching

Olympian goals? Coaching is the most effective tool to improve your results, individually and as a company

Training and Team Building

Investing in your people reduces attrition and costs. Our methods improve staff retention by as much as x7

Succession Planning

Growing your company and your people means you need to be growing their replacements too. Do you have a plan?

Growth and Exit Strategies

Do you want to grow a unicorn? Or would you prefer a business that attracts buyers; 5 years on, you’re out?