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The disruptive potential when legal meets technology poses a serious threat to the stability of lawyers and their big earnings. We like your transparency and the capabilities you provide for the non-lawyers amongst us; thank you!

With your ability to market yourself and provide cost-effective solutions (two things the current legal firms are not known for), you’re tipped to change the face of the legal industry. Because LegalTech is a relative newbie to the disruptive technology sector, you don’t have a swarm of people charging your door to get in (unlike your big brother, FinTech). Most of your new hires are going to need to be sold first on the idea of entering your industry, before they can be sold on joining you. Due to the extremely high salaries being paid to the incumbents in the law industry it’s unlikely that you want to hire many from there… With all good challenges come superb solutions; we are eager to help you find case-by-case answers to solve your staffing riddle

LegalTech recruitment assistant

Your Requirements

Being a new player in an old industry is exciting and challenging in (we hope) equal measure. Through our too-many-to-mention years in the HR and recruitment industries we know that a key differentiator between you and ‘the others’ is your people. From how you find them to how you keep them are key questions we want to help you answer – and we want to introduce you to the people who will shape the change you want to bring to the world

Our Network

We practice what we preach at MLT Associates. Just as your strength within the LegalTech industry is in your people, so our strength within the staffing industry is to be found in ours; namely through our multilingual resource hub and our external associates. We have literally gone around the world in search of people who can help us to better serve you. We think you’ll be pleased with who we’ve found and what we can provide as a result

LegalTech recruitment network

LegalTech Solutions


Hiring the right people is key to your success. We changed recruitment to something that works!

Employer & Talent Branding

Position yourself as an employer of choice and have the best people banging on your door

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists can provide you with everything from employment contracts to employee benefits packages

Digital Footprint

What do people find when they Google you? Your online footprint affects your success; hiring and being hired

Executive Coaching

Olympian goals? Coaching is the most effective tool to improve your results, individually and as a company

Training and Team Building

Investing in your people reduces attrition and costs. Our methods improve staff retention by as much as x7

Succession Planning

Growing your company and your people means you need to be growing their replacements too. Do you have a plan?

Growth and Exit Strategies

Do you want to grow a unicorn? Or would you prefer a business that attracts buyers; 5 years on, you’re out?