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Our Story

About MLT Associates

We are as disruptive within the recruitment and staffing field as our clients are within their specialist technology sector

We realised traditional recruiters look at the hiring process as a transaction; how can you apply a cut and dried process to the living, breathing element of your business? We take a holistic view to your staffing needs; from your desire to hire… through recruitment… and into the full lifecycle of retaining your people

Making History

Founded on the shoulders of giants, MLT came off the back of the long successful recruitment and HR career of its founder, Mark Tomlinson, who was then joined by partner and fellow director, career and recruitment go-to, Julie Holmwood, in 2016

Our Difference

We love the career industry but were disillusioned with all the many broken aspects of the traditional recruitment model. Although we’d worked in the industry for years, we’d always steered away from some of the most common trends, because of their inability to really cherish your people through one of the most stressful parts of their working life; the hiring process

Eventually we sat down together and really explored what it was we wanted to avoid and what you’d told us – from the client and candidate sides of the fence – you didn’t like. Then we looked for the parts of the process that do work and what we could do to build on and improve them

We came up with our talent lifecycle model that we’re pretty proud of. Feedback so far has been amazing. Try us out and see if you like it too

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Learn more about our Directors

Mark Tomlinson

Mark Tomlinson


Mark Tomlinson is the hare, or firestarter of the business. Dubbed the most honest guy in recruitment he is a true straight talker and he’ll give you nothing but the facts; no matter how unpalatable they may be!

Having sat in every seat at the table – client, candidate, HR and recruiter, he had a very unique insight into what it feels like to be in each position. One word summed up the experience for everyone; uncomfortable. The old model wasn’t working for anyone. Mark knew he had to disrupt the industry and set about researching ideas and creating blueprints for new ways of working

As a result there are lots of new things coming to the MLT group of companies. You might want to connect with Mark on LinkedIn or visit us often to see what they are

Julie Holmwood

Julie Holmwood


Julie Holmwood is the tortoise, or the completer finisher of the duo. Having spent many years telling people recruitment was broken – and gone out on a mission to find solutions, one person at a time – she returned to recruitment in 2016 to make a bigger impact; working with Mark to disrupt the industry on a larger scale

A collector of awesome friends around the world and long-term relationship builder, Julie genuinely cares about all of the people she works with. As a result she is dedicated, passionate and committed to redesigning the way we work. Like Mark, she believes the idea of looking at recruitment in isolation – and making it a transaction – is a key part of where the entire industry is broken. Hence MLT’s difference and their moving away from the old model


Together they are the driving force behind many of the changes you see within MLT
They are growing a diverse and multilingual hub of exceptional changemakers in Mallorca, alongside a global network of disruptive technology associates. Moving forward, they plan to expand on their difference, by bringing in the ideas and concepts of their growing team