Technology is enabling new companies to enter the property space and disrupt the areas of real estate that were either broken, or no longer of use to office or home dwellers moving forward. As house-livers ourselves, we thank and salute you!

We know you’re forward thinking innovators who enjoy creating new markets before breakfast. We also understand you like to work with other smart people. That’s why we don’t just look for people with experience in the real estate sector and a few smatterings of the word property, tenant, landlord or rental in their CV. We partner with you to find your unique blend of disruptive innovation… and then go out of our way to find people we think fit into your particular groove… star people for star shaped holes are our specialty

PropTech Recruitment angel

Your Requirements

Running any company – established or start-up – brings its own challenges. We don’t have a one-size fit all PropTech solution. We have two ears and one mouth and we use them in direct proportion to find out exactly who you’re looking for. Recruitment is much like dating. You’re not looking for a person… you’re looking for the right person! We understand that and we do our best to understand you. Be prepared for some out of the box questions, in order for us to find you your out of the box new hire

Our Network

We have been busy cultivating and training MLT associates throughout the globe so we can offer you similar levels of dedicated staffing expertise in all the areas of the world you want to operate. To do this we are steadily increasing our multilingual team in our central hub, along with adding ongoing talented types with PropTech contacts and knowledge to our expert representative team

Executive search through our extensive global network.

PropTech Solutions


Hiring the right people is key to your success. We changed recruitment to something that works!

Employer & Talent Branding

Position yourself as an employer of choice and have the best people banging on your door

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists can provide you with everything from employment contracts to employee benefits packages

Digital Footprint

What do people find when they Google you? Your online footprint affects your success; hiring and being hired

Executive Coaching

Olympian goals? Coaching is the most effective tool to improve your results, individually and as a company

Training and Team Building

Investing in your people reduces attrition and costs. Our methods improve staff retention by as much as x7

Succession Planning

Growing your company and your people means you need to be growing their replacements too. Do you have a plan?

Growth and Exit Strategies

Do you want to grow a unicorn? Or would you prefer a business that attracts buyers; 5 years on, you’re out?