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The traditional recruitment method says you plan your own hiring requirements. Create a job spec, or at least an outline of the person you’re looking to bring on board; mostly defined via skill set. Then outsource the finding process to someone like us. Interview. Select. Pay us a percentage of that person’s first year’s salary for introducing them to you and managing the coordination of the interview process. Take the process back in house to produce any contracts or paperwork. Onboard your new hire. Spend time and effort training and supporting them, in the hope they’ll stay and it will all work out. Rinse and repeat

Old style recruiters say as long as each new hire stays the obligatory eight to twelve weeks, they’re out of rebate period and home clear with their fee. Meanwhile, you’re left seriously out of pocket because all you’ve done is pour onboarding and training money into a person who left before you got any return on hire

We say the traditional recruitment model is as broken as the very industries you have been founded to disrupt. How can the living, breathing area of your business – your staff – be satisfied by a transactional recruitment process?

Internal recruiters feel like the logical answer, but they don’t have the reach of an external firm and if they’re not the best recruiter in the box, you’re left with another rum hire on your hands… and your payroll

That is why we’re disrupting all the current recruitment options as you know them…

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What We Offer

We look at the lifespan of your people. From working with you to create a hiring plan for the coming months; dovetailing beautifully into your business plan, so that one begets the other. We go to the market and research which skills are available within each individual person. After all, the traditional career path has vanished. A person’s history looks much more like the set of apps on your phone, than the old style straight line of sector career progression

Then we do the traditional recruitment bit with a modern video twist – but not for the traditional percentage fees (ask us how much it will cost you)

We organise all the HR elements; contracts, policies, procedures and – if you need us to – benefits packages

We onboard your new hires. We can coach them. Train them. And organise team building processes

We work with you to make sure people development is a successful part of what you do and your attrition rates are low

We help you create strategies to make sure your people really are your best asset and we help you succession plan so you stay ahead in the minds of your team and your market

How Does It Work

Rather than cross our fingers your new staff don’t leave before a rebate period is up… or ask you to put us on your payroll and continue to bankroll us if we don’t produce the results… we provide a cost effective solution that gives your business the best of everything. Together we calculate and agree an advantageous service and pricing structure. When we know the numbers, we agree monthly instalments. This allows you to manage your cash flow, keeps us clearly invested in the long game and financially, is typically more in line with taking on internal staff than any of the external options

We can include services for all your staffing needs: employer and talent branding, recruitment, HR and training. Ask us for more info

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