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Succession Planning

Who’s going to fill your job when you move up? Who do you know right now who could step into your shoes?

Einstein teaching  a future Einstein

The answer’s in front of your eyes; you have the talent already. The question is, how can you develop them to move into the roles you are going to need them to fill tomorrow?

Back in the humble days when you first started, the challenges were multiple; but totally different to now. With success comes a view of other horizons, bigger targets to achieve and new issues that need to be resolved

To build on your current efficiency and grow in the direction and at the rate you want, it’s important to know the dreams, desires and potential of the talent you have in house. People you can develop into bigger, more responsible roles going forward

Perhaps you already employ the next Einstein, Sheryl Sandberg or Bill Gates?

Imagine the answer is yes, they leave you and 5 years later you’re working for them!

What is your strategy to encourage and develop your talent and actually convert today’s employee into tomorrow’s leader and executive? How can you harness your super talent to enjoy the benefit of their genius; and not because they can offer you a job in the future – because they apply their genius to your company’s success

You understand the scenario. The question is, how can we help?

  • Profiling for your individuals
  • Plans for individual development
  • Creating activities to develop your staff
  • Assess your teams individual potential for promotion
  • Create a talent risk assessment; identifying the impact of people leaving vital roles
  • Profile the key roles within your company
  • Develop a plan to build a pool of talent around future roles
  • Assess skill set gaps and create, develop and implement appropriate training

Mapping your internal talent not only ensures the smooth running of your company. It safeguards targets and productivity and – the icing on any business cake – saves you money

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