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As a bank you still have the lions share of the wealth in the FinTech –v- TechFin war, but you know you need to innovate; albeit slowly as your customers don’t like radical change

Applying technical solutions to financial processes makes them leaner, faster and cheaper. What’s not to like? Other than all the bits your customers clearly don’t like (which is almost everything that implies you’re changing and could be messing with their money in the process). Despite needing to go slow and adopting a fair degree of stealth, you plan to win the war. The only fly in this particular ointment is being able to attract good people… when so many of them are attracted to the faster, sexier, trendier tech industries; like that pesky FinTech! Having an overall staffing solution; from employer and talent branding, to timely recruitment processes to keen staff retention is going to be key

Your Requirements

Being an established bank with a history of surviving downturns, recessions and global disruption makes you a sound bet for people that like to put their salary in the hands of the sure thing; but do you only want to recruit people that like the safer option? Will that help you become the innovator and pull ahead of the other banks while everyone’s got half an eye on the FinTechs? We think you need to go sharper to hire the sharpest tools in the world

Our Network

We take pride in our network and go to extreme lengths to ensure we are well connected within the financial and banking arena. The two key ways we keep our finger on the pulse of who’s who and who you need to know, is via our multilingual internal team and our external associates; all brought on board to add value to your staffing needs so we are better placed to serve you

TechFin Solutions


Hiring the right people is key to your success. We changed recruitment to something that works!

Employer & Talent Branding

Position yourself as an employer of choice and have the best people banging on your door

HR Solutions

Our HR specialists can provide you with everything from employment contracts to employee benefits packages

Digital Footprint

What do people find when they Google you? Your online footprint affects your success; hiring and being hired

Executive Coaching

Olympian goals? Coaching is the most effective tool to improve your results, individually and as a company

Training and Team Building

Investing in your people reduces attrition and costs. Our methods improve staff retention by as much as x7

Succession Planning

Growing your company and your people means you need to be growing their replacements too. Do you have a plan?

Growth and Exit Strategies

Do you want to grow a unicorn? Or would you prefer a business that attracts buyers; 5 years on, you’re out?