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Training and Team Building

Adopting the Virgin mentality of employees first, customers second, will pay dividends you can’t begin to comprehend

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Training and Development

Mark and I have been speaking to candidates for over twenty years. The consistent thing that comes out as key to where they will work and where they stay is in their training and development

We offer a suite of training solutions and can provide consultancy on team development plans, including:

  • Understanding your leadership approach
  • Designing and developing your leadership plan
  • Do you lead or manage?
  • Strong decision making skills
  • Maximising your team’s efficiency
  • Essential skills you need to be a leader
  • Installing and implementing best working practice
  • Motivating your people
  • Team feedback and appraisals
  • Conflict management
  • Creating training schedules
  • Situation management (conflict avoidance)
  • Team recognition and rewards
Team building

Team Building

Studies have shown that people who are bonded with their colleagues – and consider themselves to be best of friends with at least one of their co-workers – are 7x more likely to stay in an organisation. To reduce attrition rates and ensure staff retention it’s therefore critical to proactively address team building

Through us you can access:

  • Creating dynamic teams – taking your people from disparate individuals into a truly bonded team, working for key values and goals
  • Creating a team identity
  • Team building games and activities

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