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Video Based Recruitment

Will the resume become a thing of the past?

We at MLT say a resounding YES! Why read a flat, let’s face it, boring CV, when you can watch someone in a two or three minute movie

Let’s compare… NOW

Traditional, CV Based Recruitment Process

Step One: You need staff! You write a job description and exploit all of your usual channels, maybe even giving the role to a few recruiters

Result: An inbox full of resumes! I can only speak for myself now – I’ve been doing it a long time; I love recruitment – but I never did look forward to the dreaded bulk receipt of applicants

The first CV is opened… and the second… and the third! Out of 300 I know I’m going to be lucky to find one or two worth reading. Hundreds of people talking about the past! Not much relevance. Little if any targeting towards the information I want and need to know…

Step Two: Finally! You have a few CVs you really like! You organise calls with those people to talk through the resume you just read…

Step Three: Someone is great on the phone. You invite them in for a face-to-face interview…

Through the whole process you ask yourself – and anyone who comes close enough to listen – why you can’t attract the right talent and why the process has to be so hard?

The answer is, it doesn’t! We can eradicate a lot of the preamble, entice more talent to apply to your roles and cut out a large painful part of the process

Disruptive, Video Based Recruitment Process

Step One: You tell us who you’re looking for; personality, experience, ability, passions…

Step Two: We send you a short email saying: “please see 5 candidates in person, simply touch link”

You sit down with your coffee (or green tea) and press play

Step Three: You go straight to face-to-face interviews with the people you know you want to meet and the ratio of: applicants –to- interviews –to- offers, goes right down; saving you time, sanity and money!

You’ve branded yourself in such a way potential talent has a good feel for your company. They know they want to work for you and within their application, they provide the information about themselves you most want to know. You’ve seen them on video and – even though they might have been a bit nervous – you get a sense of their personality and their fit for your organisation



Particularly targeted video applications – create a benchmark that blows the traditional paper method of application out of the water. Try it! We promise, you’ll never look back!

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