Young Women Preparing a Video CV

Video CV

There is no doubt video is a powerful medium. People often watch movies, yet they don’t have the time or inclination to read the book

Yet in recruitment, you entrust your personal book – your resume – to a few pieces of paper. Why?

Video is the most engaging of all the mediums and the one that helps us take full advantage of the fact that 93% of all communication is non-verbal. Short of turning up outside that company’s office and just happening to say ‘good morning’ to the Chief Exec on their way into the office (on the morning after you heard they might be hiring), it’s the best way to get your foot, and your face, in the door!

With the advance in phone technology you don’t even need a professional camera; any smart phone with a good camera will do – iPhones produce particularly good quality movies

It’s our view that recruitment will move to video

What You Need

  • A device that records video (phone or camera)
  • If you don’t have someone to hold the above you also need a tripod or a selfie stick
  • Good lighting – outdoors is best; the golden hours for capturing the best footage are the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. If you need to film indoors with artificial light make sure to shoot after dark (mixing natural and artificial light doesn’t produce good quality footage
  • Clear voice
  • Office ready attire from the shoulders up (if you’re recording a ‘talking head’ video – ie head and shoulders)
  • An idea of what you’re going to say before you hit ‘record’

How We Can Help

  • We can provide video coaching and – if you’re going for a senior level role and the investment makes sense – a videographer to capture your shining moment(s) on film
  • We can help draft scripts and create compelling copy to make your video highly engaging to your target audience
  • We can create a visibility/marketing plan for your video, or as part of our career visibility solution to make sure your video makes its way in front of the right eyes

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